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SynTrack is a mechanically attached synthetic roofing underlayment designed for steep slope roofing to provide a lasting secondary layer of protection against wind-driven rain, shingle blow-offs, and damage caused by adverse weather conditions.

SynTrack provides a considerable improvement over asphalt saturated felt with its superior strength, durability, and fiber grip walking surface. Gone are the days of blow offs and call backs.

SynTrack is 12 times stronger than #30 felt and offers both superior wind resistance and foot traffic durability. It is warranted for up to 90 UV days exposure and will not crack when cold, or dry out and leach oils in the heat like traditional felt.

SynTrack is lightweight, easy to carry, cool to the touch, and pliable under extreme temperatures. Its wrinkle-free surface does not shrink in high temperatures and will lay flat and straight over longer distances. Its advanced underside non-slip coating keeps the product in place and helps prevent pulls that can cause leaks around fasteners. SynTrack is designed for use under; wood, asphalt, and synthetic shingles, and cedar shakes. It meets and exceeds all required industry standards.

SynTrack Meets or exceeds the following code standards:

 ASTM D226, TYPE I&II  ASTM D4869, ASTM D8257 , CAN/CSA A123.3, CAN/CSA A220.1, Florida Building Code FL#20853.1

Dual logo program

Our SynTrack Dual Logo Program is an easy marketing tool  and receive majority branding alongside our own logo and contact information. You’ll be recognized in your community as a leader in sustainable roofing practices and gain valuable exposure for your business.

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