Extreme Conditions Water Proofing Membrane

Cobalt Ultra

Ice & water protection
high temperature (300°F)

Cobalt Ultra is a self adhered roof underlayment designed for sloped roof applications to help protect against water infiltration from ice dams and wind driven rain. Cobalt Ultra is designed for use under asphalt shingles, concrete and clay tiles, shakes, synthetic shingles, primed cedar shakes, and all types of metal roofing including high temperature applications such as copper, zinc, and Cor-Ten® roofing panels located in high altitude and southern regions.

  • Ideal for Cold weather repairs
  • High Temperature – both facer and adhesive thermally stable to 300°F (149°C)
  • Low Temperature Installation – adheres below freezing -4°F (-20°C)
  • Patented GRIPSPOT Technology slip resistant walking surface
  • Synthetic Adhesive – Asphalt free adhesive technology (No VOCs)
  • Nail Sealable – meets ASTM D1970
  • Chemically resistant/compatible with low slope roofing materials
    such as EPDM and TPO
  • Silicone treated split release liner for easy removal and application
  • 18 months Shelf Life
  • LIFETIME Limited Warranty

Cobalt Ultra Meets or exceeds the following code standards:
ASTM D1970, ASTM D226-97, ASTM D4869, CAN/CSA A123.3, CAN/CSA A220.1, FBC #FL31710, CCRR-0356, Miami Dade NOA# 21-0712.02, California Building Code Compliant, AC-48 acceptance criteria for self adhered underlayments used as ice and water barriers.

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