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COPPERHEAD – Deck Joist & Beam Tape is a flexible waterproof self adhered tape used to maximize the life expectancy of wooden deck structures. It is designed to help stop decay and wood rot caused by moisture that runs off the deck boards and stays in contact with the wooden deck framing. It functions as a moisture barrier cap directly on top of joists and beams. The advanced block copolymer adhesive combined with a UV resistant Polyethylene facer acts as a barrier diverting water and sealing around fasteners. This prevents premature wood rot while still allowing the joists to breath, ensuring your foundation lasts as long as the deck. Copperhead JBT tape is compatible with the majority of deck materials including pressure treated wood and composite products.

  • Durable, high strength, flexible and UV resistant engineered film facer.
  • High temperature adhesive, thermal stable to 260°F(132°C), no drips, oozing or stains.
  • Ridged Black Polyethylene top surface is slip resistant and won’t show between deck boards.
  • Cold temperature install down to 25°F(-4°C) and rising.
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive forms a tight seal around deck fasteners.
  • Easy to remove silicone treated release liner.
  • Stock available in 2 sizes; 1 5/8” for joists and 3 ¼” for beams.
  • UV Exposure rating up to 10 years
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