FT Synthetics - Our Sustainability Commitment

FT Synthetics has commitment to creating a sustainable manufacturing environment by investing in state of the art recycling equipment whereby both manufacturing waste as well as post consumer product can be cleaned, ground down, and then made ready for re-incorporating back into blended building products. Our goal is a closed loop manufacturing system that promotes the potential for our products to be recycled after they have reached their end of life in an environmentally friendly way. At this point 100% of all manufacturing scrap is put directly back into our production process. In this way, FT Synthetics reduces the amount of product that would otherwise be sent to landfills. In addition, our quality control systems and procedures ensure that our scrap rate is as low as possible.

At FT Synthetics we are committed to developing products that maximize recycled content while providing products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

The right product, on time, every time.

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