Block-Aide Wall NP is a self-adhered vapor barrier membrane that combines a durable tri-laminated
polyethylene reinforced facer with an advanced butyl rubber adhesive to create a superior performing non-permeable wall vapor barrier with signifcantly increased adhesion performance.

Block-Aide Wall NP is designed to be self-adhered directly to a properly prepared wall assembly and will adhere to most substrates without primer; steel, gypsum, cement board, primed concrete, OSB, or plywood. Its main function is to serve as a full coverage vapor barrier for up to 180 days exposure.

Block-Aide Wall NP offers a high tack butyl adhesive with thermal stability up to 260°F (126.7°C). The butyl adhesive formulation is also very effective in cold weather application down to 14°F(-10°C). The membrane is self-sealing around mechanical fasteners and passes ASTM D1970 for lap seam and nail seal-ability. The facer is reinforced with a HDPE woven scrim.

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